Announcement: Consider taking custody of your Ycash immediately

If you have Ycash deposited on an exchange, consider withdrawing it to a self-custody wallet by 2022–11–23 UTC 00:00

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November 19, 2022 (Last updated: November 23, 2022)

Update: The 24-hour window has past. Moving Ycash or Wry back onto exchanges or back into liquidity pools will not affect your eligibility for the new project.

A message from the Ycash Foundation

New project; take custody to preserve potential eligibility

Sometime before the end of 2023, a new project may launch based on the state of the Ycash blockchain at some point in time in the 24 hours starting at 2022–11–23 UTC 00:00 and ending at 2022–11–24 UTC 00:00 (“the 24-hour window”).

We will not answer any questions about this new project prior to its launch. It may never launch. Plan accordingly.

To increase your likelihood of being eligible for this new project, consider taking custody of your Ycash immediately.Below are specific instructions for various exchanges, followed by instructions for holders of wrapped Ycash (Wry).

SouthXchange, SafeTrade, and XeggeX

SouthXchange, SafeTrade, and XeggeX have all indicated that they will take a snapshot of customer YEC balances during the 24-hour window, with the intent of supporting the new project if it ends up launching.

Thus, if you decide to keep your YEC on SouthXchange, SafeTrade, or XeggeX, any eligibility you have will likely be preserved. With that said, these exchanges have no obligation to take a snapshot of user balances, so consider withdrawing your coins before the 24-hour window anyways.

If you hold WRY on SouthXchange or XeggeX, you need to withdraw your WRY before the 24-hour window to preserve potential eligibility. WRY will not be included in the snapshots.


Hotbit recently announced that they intend to delist 109 coins, including Ycash. Therefore, in order to preserve potential eligibility for the new project, you must withdraw your YEC from Hotbit prior to the 24-hour window.


If you hold Wry in a self-custody wallet, you will be eligible for the new project sometime after it’s launch. If you prefer to be eligible immediately at launch, consider swapping your WRY for YEC on SouthXchange and then withdrawing to your self-custody wallet before the 24-hour window.

If you hold Wry in Uniswap or any other smart contract, consider withdrawing your WRY from the smart contract before the 24-hour window.


For updates, check and this page periodically (see below) and follow @YcashFoundation on Twitter.

2022–11–22: Shielded v. transparent is NOT a criterion for eligibility.

2022–11–22: The number of addresses is NOT a criterion for eligibility. (For example, do not create additional WRY addresses because it won’t do you any good.)



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