Ycash Development Roadmap #1

The Ycash Foundation will fund projects in four key areas

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Improvements to ycashd and YecWallet

Light Wallets

Merchant Tools

Mining Algorithms

Improvements to ycashd and YecWallet


Fast-sync Mode for ycashd and YecWallet

Nullifier Migration Tool

Incorporate Upstream Changes from zcashd v2.0.6

Diversified Addresses

Better Rescanning and Private Key Importing

Viewing Keys

Wallet Encryption

BIP39 Seed Phrase Support for ycashd and YecWallet

Trezor Support

Light Wallets


Implement ZLiTE-based light wallet

Commercial service for light wallets

Merchant Tools

Point-Of-Sale Systems for Ycash

Encrypted Memo Tools

Mining Algorithms

Investigate Proof of Work Mining Algorithms Tailored to Commodity Hardware.

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